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Nov 09, 2018

Tiare L

I highly recommend Attorney Silver when hiring the best. I can’t thank him enough for fighting for me and my freedom in court. He was detailed with me on my initial consult. It took 6 months to get through the legal system. And when I fell short because I became really worried, he reminded me that legal system can take time because of scheduling the court dates and appearances. In addition, I was ordered to complete a task by the courts, and because I missed the deadline, attorney Silver still took the time to put things in perspective and never abandoned my cases. He does not give up on you, as long as you don’t. If you hire him, do what he says because he is responsible for you and he is representing you to the fullest extend of law. I will always be grateful for his representation, and his experience. He is even a mentor for upcoming attorneys. Good with communication, but he is a very busy lawyer. Let him do his job and place your trust in him.

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