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If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense in Pittsburg, California, then your next call should be to a Pittsburg criminal defense attorney from Silver Law Firm. Elliot Silver has more than two decades of experience in criminal defense, and he is ready and able to help you navigate the Contra Costa County criminal justice system. Silver Law Firm’s commitment to its clients is to work diligently to have criminal charges reduced or dismissed. You can be sure that Elliot Silver will work tirelessly on your behalf.

To schedule a free and confidential case consultation, call Silver Law Firm today at (510) 995-0000.

Sex Crimes

Your life won’t be the same if you have a sex crime conviction on your record. That’s because it will feel as though you’re under constant surveillance if you have to register as a sex offender. Registering as a sex offender can be devastating. It prevents you from living in certain neighborhoods, working in certain types of jobs, and hanging out in certain types of places. In other words, the stakes are high. Pittsburg sex crimes attorney Elliot Silver knows that, and will do what he can to ensure that you retain your good name, even if you’ve been charged with child pornography, indecent exposure, or another sex crime.

Drug Crimes

Regardless of what kind of drug crime you’re charged with, drug convictions are serious. Perhaps you’ve been arrested for possession or selling, or maybe your arrest is related to trafficking or manufacturing. No matter what the charges, you need to call Pittsburg drug crimes attorney Elliot Silver. California’s drug crime laws and penalties vary dramatically, so you need the track record of Silver Law Firm, which will work tirelessly so that the charges are dismissed or reduced, and so you can get back to living the life you desire.

Weapons Crimes

While Americans’ right to bear arms is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, that right is not absolute. There are a variety of federal and state laws that control who is allowed to purchase guns. For example, if you have a prior felony conviction, you are not allowed to possess firearms. The same holds true if you have a prior conviction related to guns, or if you are involved in gang activity. In fact, weapons charges are often felonies. That can change your life forever. Pittsburg weapons crimes attorney Elliot Silver is experienced in beating weapons charges in California. Silver Law Firm can help you avoid a conviction that could lead to jail time and thousands of dollars in fines.


Manslaughter is charged when one person causes the death of another, but there are distinctions among different types of manslaughter. If you are arrested for manslaughter, it may be charged as voluntary, involuntary, or vehicular. The penalties associated with each very, but some can be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies. Elliot Silver is an experienced Pittsburg criminal defense attorney who defends clients facing manslaughter charges. Silver Law Firm does its best to ensure that the charges are reduced to the fullest extent possible – whether you’re charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, or any category of manslaughter.

Theft Crimes

If you’ve been arrested for a white-collar financial crime, burglary, or robbery, it’s important that you have an experienced Pittsburg theft crimes attorney by your side. Elliot Silver is that lawyer. He will go to the mat fighting the charges against you and mounting the best possible defense. He can raise reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors, but is often successful in getting charges dropped or reduced before a case even goes to trial. If you’ve been charged with a theft-related crime, it’s time to call Silver law firm.


When is a good time to call a DUI lawyer? As soon as possible after you’ve been arrested for DUI. Everything is on the line… your criminal record, your car insurance, and even your driving privileges. California DUI laws are complex. While it is well-known that a .08 blood alcohol content is considered impaired, few people know that the level drops to .04 for Uber drivers, Lyft drivers, and anyone else being paid by a passenger. Elliot Silver is an outstanding Pittsburg DUI attorney who navigates complex DUI legalities on behalf of his clients. Silver Law Firm is committed to mounting rigorous defenses for clients who have been arrested for DUI – whether for alcohol, cannabis, or other substances.


The term “assault and battery” is used as though it as a single crime, but in California assault is one crime and battery is another. State law says that battery occurs when injury is inflicted, whereas assault occurs when there is an attempt to hurt someone. Pittsburg criminal defense lawyer Elliot Silver should be the first person you call whether you have been arrested for assault or for battery. Silver Law Firm has a stellar track record defending people just like you who have been charged with assault or battery. We will do everything possible to have your charges reduced or dropped altogether.

Crimes Against the Public Peace

Crimes against the public peace can be charged for a variety of activities. For example, you can be arrested if you get rowdy at a bar. You can get arrested if you get overly enthusiastic at a demonstration. You can even get arrested if you maliciously use a laser pointer. While crimes against the public peace are typically charged as misdemeanors, there are some instances when they are charged as felonies. If you are arrested for disturbing the peace, you need to call Pittsburg criminal defense lawyer Elliot Silver the first chance you get. He is a veteran attorney who will represent your interests and see to it that justice is served.


Kidnapping might seem straightforward, but the law is nuanced. Holding someone for ransom is kidnapping, but so is heisting a car and driving off when there’s someone in the passenger seat. Kidnapping is serious and a conviction has dire consequences. If you’ve been arrested for kidnapping, you need Pittsburg criminal defense attorney Elliot Silver at your side. He is an accomplished lawyer who will adroitly maneuver through the criminal justice system and get the best possible outcome for you.

Property Crimes

In California, many different offenses fall under the property crimes category. If you’ve been arrested for receiving stolen property, shoplifting, or burglary, then you need Elliot Silver. He is an accomplished Pittsburg property crimes lawyer who will defend you against the potentially devastating consequences that accompany a felony conviction. Silver Law Firm will do everything possible to have your charges reduced or dropped.

Traffic Offenses

Traffic tickets are matter-of-fact, and those infractions are relatively easy to take care of. However, if you are charged with a traffic misdemeanor or felony, that’s a different story. Depending on your criminal record, a conviction can result in losing your driver’s license, significant fines, and even jail time. It’s important that you call Pittsburg traffic crimes lawyer Elliot Silver as soon as you’ve been charged. He is an accomplished attorney who is dedicated to ensuring that his clients receive the best possible representation.

Domestic Violence

It is common sense that California’s domestic violence laws are designed protect spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends, and other intimate partners. However, the law also covers elder abuse and child abuse. The repercussions of any domestic violence conviction are life-altering, and can include hefty fines, anger management classes, and even jail time. That’s why, if you’ve been accused of domestic violence, you need a Pittsburg domestic violence attorney like Elliot Silver. Silver Law Firm is dedicated to protecting your interests and ensuring the best possible outcome for your case.

Juvenile Crimes 

Children and teens have impulses that they aren’t always able to resist. They can also succumb to peer pressure and do things they wouldn’t normally do. If your child has been caught up in a crime, their future is at stake. You don’t want them to be surrounded by bad influences or develop an identity related to crime. That’s why your first call should be to Silver Law Firm. Elliot Silver is a veteran Pittsburg juvenile crimes attorney who will fight for your child’s freedom and for their self-worth.

Federal Crimes

Federal crimes are many and varied. They can range from bank robbery to human trafficking, and from drug charges to counterfeiting. If you have been arrested for a federal crime, then your first call should be to Elliot Silver, a Pittsburg federal crimes attorney who is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for your case. Silver Law Firm will mount a rigorous defense and work to have the charges against you reduced or dropped.

White Collar Crimes

There are crimes against people and there are crimes against property. White collar crimes are a subset of crimes against property. A conviction for a white collar crime – like a financial crime – can have terrible consequences. For example, you may be prevented from ever working in your profession again and you may lose your professional license. You may even face jail time or prison time, exorbitant fines, and restitution. That’s why, at the first hint that you might be subjected to criminal charges, you should call Pittsburg white-collar crime attorney Elliot Silver. He has a stellar track record of defending those accused of white collar crimes. He will work diligently to undercut the prosecutor’s case in order to have the charges against you reduced or dropped.

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