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Have you been investigated for or charged with a criminal offense in Dublin, California? If so, then you need Dublin criminal defense lawyer Elliot Silver at your side. He has more than 24 years of criminal defense experience and is prepared to fiercely advocate on your behalf. The Silver Law Firm has helped countless clients just like you, and can work hard to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

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Sex Crimes

Indecent exposure. Lewd conduct. Rape. Child molestation. Those are just four of the sex crime convictions that could irrevocably change your life. If you’ve been charged with a sex crime, you need a seasoned Dublin attorney who understands the nuances of the law. Elliot Silver has an insider’s knowledge of the criminal justice system, and can use his experience to mount a rigorous defense. You don’t want to be convicted of a sex crime, and you don’t want to face the repercussions of having to register as a sex offender. When you engage the Silver Law Firm to defend you, you can rest assured that we’ll work tirelessly on your behalf.

Drug Crimes

If you’ve been arrested for a California drug crime, time is of the essence. The sooner you call Dublin criminal defense attorney Elliot Silver, the sooner he can put his skill to work to ensure that you’re not on the hook for jail time, prison time, or a large fine. The last thing you want is a felony conviction on your record for drug possession, sale, manufacture, or trafficking. You can count on Silver Law Firm to mount a rigorous defense on your behalf.

Weapons Crimes

Whether you’ve been charged with carrying a loaded firearm in public – or any other type of weapons charge – you need stellar legal representation. Dublin criminal defense attorney Elliot Silver will deliver. His experience in fighting weapons charges means that his clients receive thoughtful defenses that lay the groundwork for charges to be dismissed or reduced. California weapons laws are exceedingly complex, and you need at attorney who delivers. You need Silver Law Firm.


In California, homicide can be charged as either first-degree murder or second-degree murder. If the death was caused by certain types of weapons (such as an explosion or armor-penetrating ammunition), if it occurred during the commission of another crime, or if a police officer died, you are likely facing first-degree murder charges. It is imperative that you contact Elliot Silver, an experienced Dublin criminal defense lawyer, as soon as possible. Your freedom is at stake.

Theft Crimes

Whether you’ve been charged with theft, burglary, robbery, or white collar financial crimes like embezzlement or fraud, you need the best possible defense. That’s where Dublin criminal defense lawyer Elliot Silver enters the picture. He will work diligently to fight the charges against you. This might mean going toe to toe with the prosecutor and having the charges dropped or reduced, or it might mean sowing the seeds of reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors. If you are facing charges for a theft-related crime, then Silver Law Firm needs to be your first call.


Whether this is your first arrest for a DUI or you have one or more misdemeanor DUI convictions already on your record, Silver Law Firm is positioned to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. A seasoned Dublin DUI lawyer can navigate the court system and negotiate for probation rather than jail, restricted licensing rather than suspension, and the length of time you’re required to have an ignition interlock device. Attorney Elliot Silver’s years of experience in gaining favorable outcomes for cases like yours will serve you well.


An assault or battery conviction can be devastating. A felony conviction can mean a prison sentence of two to four years – or up to twelve years if certain types of weapons or used or if a police officer or firefighter was attacked. You need a skilled advocate like Dublin criminal defense lawyer Elliot Silver at your side to ensure that your rights are protected as your case wends through the criminal justice system. He will work day and night to convince prosecutors to reduce the charges; if you face trial, he will devise a defense intended to sow doubt in the minds of jurors.

Crimes Against the Public Peace

You can be charged with crimes against the public peace for participating in a variety of activities, ranging from getting rowdy at a bar to maliciously using a laser pointer. Although these crimes are usually charged as misdemeanors, under some circumstances crimes against the public peace can be filed as felonies. If you’re arrested, your first call should be to Dublin criminal defense attorney Elliot Silver. He will use his experience to provide you with thoughtful and thorough representation, ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome for your case.


Kidnapping seems straightforward, but there are several crimes that are considered kidnapping, but that don’t involve abduction. For example, enticing someone with falsehoods in order to get them to participate in sex trafficking is also considered kidnapping. No matter what form kidnapping takes, a conviction results in serious prison time. That’s why, if you’ve been arrested for kidnapping, your first call should be to Silver Law Firm. Elliot Silver, a Dublin criminal defense lawyer, will guide you through police interrogation and your preliminary hearing, and then develop a defense that can lead to lessened charges or an acquittal.

Property Crimes

If you’ve been accused of a property crime – like burglary, receiving stolen property, arson, or identity theft – then time is of the essence. You need an advocate by your side who will fight for a dismissal or acquittal. Dublin criminal defense attorney Elliot Silver is that advocate. You should turn to Silver Law Firm as soon as possible. The penalties for property crimes can be significant, and you want to avoid large fines, restitution, and jail or prison time.

Traffic Offenses

Traffic offense can often be a nightmare – with lifelong repercussions. While many traffic violations are minor, there are others – like driving without a license, reckless driving, or racing on a public highway – that have serious consequences. A misdemeanor or felony conviction can damage an otherwise pristine record. The possibility of jail time, exorbitant fines, and an increase in insurance premiums are all too real. That’s why, if you’ve been accuse of a misdemeanor or felony, it’s time to call a Dublin traffic crimes attorney. Elliot Silver and the attorneys at Silver Law Firm will put their knowledge and experience to work for you and obtain the best possible results.

Domestic Violence

In California, domestic violence charges may be the beginning, but they may not be the end. Depending on the circumstances, you might also be charged with battery, rape, bodily injury, or threats and extortion. The consequences of a conviction? Depending on the crime and any prior convictions, the sky’s the limit. You could face jail time or a prison sentence of many years. You might pay up to $10,000 in fines. If you’re charged with another crime in conjunction with domestic violence, you must act quickly to prevent a worst-case scenario. You need to call a Dublin domestic violence attorney from Silver Law Firm. Elliot Silver will work diligently to keep the worst-case scenario at bay, and to protect your rights under the law.

Juvenile Crimes

When children and teens follow their poorer impulses or succumb to peer pressure, their futures can go up in smoke. A criminal conviction can send them down a path where they’re labeled, where they’re surrounded by others who are bad influences, and where their self-worth crumbles. That’s why you need to call seasoned Dublin juvenile crimes attorney Elliot Silver if your child has been charged with a crime. He won’t stop fighting on their behalf and will do everything in his power to prevent the conviction that will irrevocably change their life.

Federal Crimes

While most crimes are tried in local courts, there are times when state crimes are tried in federal courts and other times when an act is solely a federal crime. If you’ve are indicted or arrested on federal charges of drug trafficking, racketeering, weapons charges, mail fraud, or another crime, it’s imperative that you have an experienced Dublin federal crimes lawyer at your side. You can count on Elliot Silver to be your fiercest advocate in the federal court system. Silver Law Firm will craft a defense to reduce the charges and to avoid the harshest penalties under the law.

White Collar Crimes

If you’re under investigation for a financial crime, your future is in peril. A conviction for credit card fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, or other white collar crimes can lead to jail and financial ruin. That’s why you need to call Elliot Silver, a Dublin white collar crime lawyer, immediately. You need someone with experience who can look out for your interests and ensure that your rights – along with your freedom and your money – are protected. Silver Law Firm always has your best interests at heart.

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If you’ve been accused of a crime, you need stellar legal representation. You can rely on Dublin criminal defense attorney Elliot Silver, who has more than 24 years of experience representing people just like you. He will be by your side every step of the way and ensure that you get the defense you deserve.

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