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Feb 14, 2018

Defending Against Backpage Prostitution Charges

Defending Against Backpage Prostitution Charges

Backpage is a search engine for classified ads, and it is used for all types of transactions. Individuals can offer, solicit, and purchase goods and services, as well as post and apply for jobs on the site. If it sounds like Craigslist, it should. It is a similar concept, though falls short of Craigslist’s web traffic. Another difference is that Backpage has become well-known in recent years for its connection to prostitution and human trafficking. Individuals use the website to offer prostitution services, typically through code words. Due to this illicit reputation, law enforcement agencies began to target Backpage users by conducting sting operations through the website, leading to an uptick in prostitution charges.

Though Backpage shut down its adult ads in 2017 (Craigslist did so in 2010), you could find yourself facing new or continuing prostitution charges related to the site or another web page. When facing any type of prostitution or sex crime charges, you need an experienced prostitution and solicitation lawyer. Contact Silver Law Firm at (510) 995-0000 to speak with an attorney and discuss your rights and options during criminal proceedings.

How to Defend Against Backpage Prostitution Charges

When facing charges for soliciting or committing prostitution through an online platform, contact an attorney right away. There are numerous defenses that are possible in your case. It takes a lawyer’s knowledge and resources to analyze your case and potential defenses, and then to present the strongest defense in court.

Depending on the facts of your case, your lawyer will use their knowledge be able to argue:

  • Lack of Intent – Many prostitution offenses require you having intent to engage in the criminal activity. Your attorney can focus on your lack intent to solicit or engage in prostitution.
  • Lack of Agreement Regarding Compensation – Prostitution requires exchanging compensation for sexual activity. If there was no actual agreement to provide or accept money or any other form of valuable goods, then there is not enough evidence for a prosecutor to establish your involvement in prostitution.
  • Insufficient Evidence – Prosecutors are required to prove you committed a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. If prosecutors brought a case against you without much actual evidence, your attorney can use this to establish doubt.
  • Mistake of Identity – When criminal charges arise due to internet activity, there is a risk of law enforcement accusing the wrong person. Despite what the prosecution wants the judge and jury to believe, electronic evidence can be wrong. Said evidence can be used to pinpoint who was using a computer at a specific time and place.

Backpage Stings Are Rarely Entrapment

If you arrested for offering or soliciting prostitution through Backpage because of a police sting, there is a chance you will want to claim entrapment. Unfortunately, this is difficult to establish in court. Entrapment occurs when a law enforcement officers creates the idea for criminal conduct. There must be evidence that an officer coerced you into committing the crime. You cannot use entrapment as a defense if the facts support the police merely gave you an opportunity to commit an offense.

Silver Law Firm is Here to Help

If you have been accused of offering or soliciting prostitution online, call an attorney from Silver Law Firm right away. Even if a prostitution conviction doesn’t to lead to a lengthy period of incarceration or high fines, it can have significant consequences on your personal and professional reputations. It could also impact any on-going divorce or custody disputes.

Attorney Elliot Silver is prepared to defend against all types of prostitution charges. He will thoroughly review your case to determine your best options. Depending on the facts and your wishes, he will fight to have the charges dropped. If the prosecution is able and wants to move forward with the charges, he will build you the strongest defense possible. He will also discuss your options for negotiating a plea bargain, which can reduce the consequences of a conviction.

To more thoroughly discuss how a lawyer can help you against prostitution charges, call Silver Law Firm at (510) 995-0000 or use our online form to schedule a consultation.

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