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Defective Drugs

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Injured by Defective Drugs or Medical Products? Silver Law Firm has Your Back

We rely on medicine to sustain and save our lives. Small pills curb our cholesterol or stabilize our mood. A bag of liquid kills cancerous tumors or fights infection. Titanium and ceramic provide us with a new knee or hip and restores our freedom of movement.

We’re grateful for the medical advances that keep us healthy, and simply assume that prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and medical devices are safe. After all, it’s the federal Food and Drug Administration’s job to regulate and approve drugs and medical products. But the truth is that there are some medications that the FDA doesn’t regulate, and there are devices and drugs on the market that are anything but safe. The result? Injuries that are at best inconvenient and at worst life-threatening.

If you’ve been harmed by a medication, it may be because of: 

Poor Regulation: For example, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t carefully regulate herbal supplements or many other over-the-counter drugs. If you’ve been harmed by over-the-counter drugs or supplements, your Bay Area defective drug attorney can sue for the compensation you deserve.

 Unlisted Ingredients: Medications may contain ingredients that aren’t revealed by the manufacturer, and those ingredients can cause harm. If you’ve been harmed by unlisted ingredients, you may be able to recover money from the manufacturer.

Adverse Side Effects: Drug inserts list medication side effects, but sometimes clinical trials aren’t rigorous enough to pinpoint all side effects or pharmaceutical companies don’t reveal every side effect. If you have a serious adverse drug reaction, your Bay Area defective drug attorney can work to obtain compensation for your injuries.

Your claim for defective drugs can result in compensation for medical bills related to the defective drug, the loss of income you incur while recuperating from your injury, and your pain and suffering. If the unthinkable happens and your loved one dies as the result of a defective drug, you may be able to bring a wrongful death suit against the manufacturer, pharmacist, or physician. 

The same holds true for defective medical devices, such as:

  •     Metal hip implants that lead to implant failures and metal poisoning
  •     Transvaginal mesh that leads to erosion and organ perforation
  •     Surgery robotics devices that cause injury from system failures
  •     Pacemakers that don’t work correctly

Lawsuits involving defective drugs and medical devices are complex, yet Silver Law Firm is experienced in holding manufacturers accountable. If you have had an adverse reaction to a prescription drug, over-the-counter drug, or medical device, call our Bay Area defective drug attorneys today. We’ll listen to your experience and give our honest opinion about your options and likelihood of recovery. 

But don’t wait. California has a statute of limitations on liability lawsuits, and you don’t want the window of opportunity to close. We’re ready to talk to you 24/7, and pledge not to charge you a penny unless we win.

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