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If you’re a corporate executive, a professor, or an accomplished athlete, you may be eligible for an EB-1 visa. Dubbed “first preference visas,” you can apply for an EB-1 visa if you fall into one of three categories:

Extraordinary Ability

If you are an internationally acclaimed educator, businessperson, athlete, scientist, or artist, you can petition for an EB-1A visa. This is a fast track to a work visa in that it doesn’t require a job offer. To demonstrate extraordinary ability, you must either have been accorded a major award or meet three out of ten criteria. Examples of a major award include an Olympic medal, a Nobel Prize, or an Academy Award. The other option is showing evidence of three items from this list:

  • National or international prizes or awards
  • Membership in associations that require outstanding achievement
  • Articles about you in professional journals, trade publications, or other media
  • Being an individual or panel judge in your field
  • Original and significant contributions to your field
  • Publication of scholarly articles
  • Displayed work at artistic exhibitions
  • Leading or playing a critical role in notable organizations
  • Being paid well compared to others in your field
  • Commercial success in the performing arts

An EB-1A application puts you at the front of the line but it doesn’t guarantee a visa. The experienced Bay Area immigration lawyers at Silver Law Firm can assist you in putting together a compelling petition that will pass muster with a reviewer.

Outstanding Professor or Researcher

If you are a researcher or an academician with a job, a successful EB-1B petition will grant you a visa that allows you to work in the United States. Typically filed by your potential employer, the EB-1B petition requires documentation pertaining to your ability, a letter outlining your job offer, and evidence of three years’ experience in research or teaching. In addition, you must show evidence of two more more of these items:

  • Major prizes or awards
  • Membership in associations that require outstanding achievement
  • Articles about your work in professional publications
  • Being an individual or panel judge in your field
  • Original and significant scholarly contributions in your field
  • Publication of scholarly books or articles

Colleges, universities, and research facilities wishing to secure EB-1B visas should rely on the experience of the immigration attorneys at Silver Law Firm. They can work with your candidates to assemble all of the required elements of their visa petitions and shepherd them through the process.

Multinational Manager or Executive

If you’ve been working as a manager or executive for a multinational corporation and are seeking to transfer to the U.S., then an EB-1C petition can produce the visa you need to take the next step in your career. Your U.S. employer typically files the petition, which must document that you have been working for the corporation (or its affiliate or subsidiary), that you have a job offer at the same or a related company in the U.S., and that you are in a managerial or executive position at the company.

When applying for an EB-1 visa, it’s critical to have the help you need in navigating the complex processes put in place by the USCIS. The San Francisco Bay Area immigration attorneys at Silver Law Firm will work with you to develop the strongest possible petition and ensure that all of the necessary elements are in place to give you the best chance of securing the visa you need.

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