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Wrongful Death

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Wrongful Death: Obtaining Compensation for Your Loss

Following the death of a loved one, accomplishing even the most mundane tasks can feel overwhelming. When their death was due to negligence, it can feel paralyzing. Silver Law Firm’s Bay Area wrongful death attorneys are committed to working with you wherever you are in your grief while relentlessly pursuing economic compensation from those responsible.

A wrongful death suit is appropriate when your loved one died due to the actions or inactions of another person, as might be the case for:

Medical Malpractice: A medical malpractice case can be brought when your loved one’s death was caused by anyone in the healthcare field. For example, you may have a case if their death was due to a physician or surgeon’s error, a pharmacist’s mistake, a hospital or healthcare facility’s ineptitude, or improper physician privileging.

Automotive Negligence: If your loved one died in a vehicle accident, the responsible driver can be sued. If an automotive defect caused the accident, the automaker may have a share of the blame. If a road in disrepair contributed to the death, the government entity responsible for road maintenance can be a party to the wrongful death claim.

Workplace Negligence: On the job injuries can lead to death. If that occurs, then the employer and sometimes equipment manufacturers can be sued for wrongful death.

Product Defect: If a product caused your loved one’s death and that product was designed or manufactured in a dangerous or negligent way, then the designer or manufacturer can be held liable.

There are many other circumstances under which a person or company can be sued for wrongful death. If your loved one died because of another’s negligence, your next call should be to the Bay Area wrongful death attorneys at Silver Law Firm. They understand the nuances of the law and can tell you whether you have a case and how much money you can expect to recover. The compensation you receive in a wrongful death suit can cover:

  •     Medical and funeral expenses
  •     Lost income that the person would have earned had they lived
  •     Loss of companionship, moral support, and guidance
  •     The value of household services that the person would have provided

Silver Law Firm can’t bring your loved one back, but our Bay Area wrongful death attorneys can ensure that you receive the MAXIMUM compensation to which you’re entitled. Your attorney will file the lawsuit, investigate and gather evidence, and either negotiate a favorable settlement or represent you at trial. You won’t have to pay a dime unless we settle or win.

Even though your grief may feel all-consuming, delaying is not an option. In California, you only have two years to file a wrongful death claim. Call Silver Law 24/7, and we will listen to your experience and explain how we can help.

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