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Nov 12, 2019


6 years ago I had to do a heart wrenching internet search for the best attorney I could find to handle a extremely devastating, painfully sensitive and potentially life altering legal matter. From the 1st millisecond Attorney Silver put us at ease, providing a sense of safety, security, honesty, knowledge, professionalism and transparency! He handled things swiftly, maintained excellent communication and was always available. When a minor issue resurfaced I reached out to his office & like a trusted confidant he was there. Remembering us & again a solid source of legal guidance & swift, final remedies! We’ve had occasion to refer him to 1 family member & 1 close friend. He provided both outstanding legal services. If you’re looking for solid legal assistance contact Attorney Elliot Silver. I guarantee you’ll feel represented to the fullest extent of the law and a load lifted off yourself!

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