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Bay Area Deportation Defense

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The federal government’s immigration policies are tearing families apart. The immigration system is rife with due process violations and unjust detention of immigrants. If you or a loved one is caught in the net of ICE or CBP, time is of the essence. The San Francisco Bay Area immigration attorneys at Silver Law Firm will use every possible defense to ensure that you stay in the U.S.

Reasons for Deportation Actions

There are several reasons why an immigrant could face deportation proceedings, including:

  • Coming into the U.S. illegally or staying in the country without proper documentation
  • Violating the terms of their visa
  • Working without authorization
  • Participating in criminal activity
  • Engaging in a fraudulent marriage in order to get a green card
  • Denial of an asylum application


Deportation Defenses

Depending on your immigration status, there are a number of possible deportation defenses, including:

  • Filing waivers: If you are facing deportation due to criminality, your crime may be eligible for a waiver. If you are facing deportation for other reasons, there are times when a waiver application can be filed that can halt deportation proceedings.
  • Petition renewal: If you are facing deportation because you didn’t file the paperwork to have the conditionality of your green card removed, moving forward with that action can stop deportation.
  • Danger: If your health or well-being is at risk should you return to your home country, you may be eligible for Temporary Protected Status or for asylum. This can shut down deportation proceedings.
  • Due Process Violations: If you were unlawfully detained or your rights were violated in another way, your attorney can argue that the evidence against you should not be admitted.


If a rigorous defense fails, then Silver Law Firm’s immigration attorneys are prepared to file an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals or in federal court. You can rest assured that they will do everything possible to keep your family together and in the U.S.

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