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Attorney Tom McMahon

Tom McMahon graduated from Harvard Law School, where he was trained in the Criminal Justice Institute and Trial Advocacy Workshop by an elite selection of the nation’s top criminal attorneys. He has successfully defended clients all over the state of California – in twenty-eight different counties ranging from Humboldt to San Diego. Tom has won complete dismissals at every stage of felony criminal proceedings, from jury trials to post-conviction hearings. By negotiating early, and litigating aggressively, he’s convinced prosecutors and judges alike to dismiss all charges in pretrial proceedings, including successful 1538.5 and 995 motion hearings.

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Tom’s results speak for themselves. Here is a sample:

People v. H (Lancaster 2015)Three Felony Drug ChargesMotion to Suppress Evidence granted; case thrown out
People v. C
(Los Angeles 2017)
Trial for Mayhem with Firearm & Gang Enhancements [25 years to Life]Jury Hung 11-1 Majority for Not Guilty
People v. L
(Stanislaus 2017)
Murder [25 to Life]Grand Jury Indictment dismissed by judge
People v. R
(Mendocino 2016)
Felony Drug ChargeDismissed by judge
People v. D
(Los Angeles 2016)
Trial for Felony Drug ChargeMisdemeanor Probation with 0 custody time offered day 1 of trial
People v. M
(Sacramento 2016)
Trial for Felony Drug ChargesMisdemeanor out-of-state Probation with 0 custody offered day 1 of trial
People v. R
(Sacramento 2017)
Trial for Felony Drug Charges8-year old case dismissed by judge
People v. V
(Alameda 2015)
Felony Drug Charge (Airport)Dismissed by prosecutor
People v. G
(San Diego 2016)
Trial for Felony Drug ManufacturingElectronic monitoring
People v. S
(Kern 2015)
Trial for Two Felony Drug Charges & Child EndangermentMistrial for prosecutorial & judicial error
People v. S
(Trinity 2018)
Five Felony Drug ChargesOut-of-state probation
People v. R
(Nevada 2017)
Felony Drug ManufacturingDismissed by prosecutor following motions hearing
People v. H
(Glenn 2017)
Post-conviction Felony Drug ChargeDismissed by same judge that convicted (warrant out for 2 years)
People v. P
(San Francisco 2017)
Three Felony Drug Charges with FirearmDismissed by prosecutor following motions
People v. E
(Los Angeles 2015)
Felony Drug ChargesDismissed by judge at hearing

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